BrandNiquely™ You! Inc. is a Personal and B2B Brand Identity Development and Strategy Boutique offering Consultancy and Educational Training for Individuals, Emerging and High-Achieving Leaders who are Corporate Professionals, Business CEOs, and Ministry Leaders. We define, develop and design a unique Leadership, Lifestyle or Transformational Brand that speaks to your core values and your authentic self.

What We Do

BrandNiquely™ You! Inc. seeks to define, develop and design your personal and business brand that shares with the world exactly who you are and enhances your bottom line profit.  

We work with High-Achieving, Success-Driven Leaders, CEOs, Executives, Managers all in Corporate or Business Owners, Non-Profits and Marketplace Ministry Organizations. Additionally, we have Designed Programs for those in College and Those Going Out Into the Workforce. 

Personal Brand Identity Development

Your Personal Brand is all about YOU! Defining who you are and how the world sees you matters! This is for individuals who are ReBranding, Transitioning in Careers, and Workforce Development.


Business Brand Identity Development

We help to define, develop and design lifestyle, leadership and transformational brands. Additionally, brand management and to increase awareness. 

Business Brand Development

 There is so much to being a business that is all about intentionality of owning their brand. It really is about how you Show Up and Impact Others With Your Brand Inflluence. 

Marketing Strategy

Now that you have a BrandNique brand, you must now have a strategic plan including a content, social media, digital, launch and most importantly a communication strategy that speaks directly to your ideal clients.


Personal Brand Education

Personal Brand Education includes workshops and corporate training for employees to emerging leaders to C-Suite executives on Corporate-Personal Branding and diversity inclusion. 


Speaking Engagements

Elyshia delivers an impactful, inviting and engaging talks and keynotes for companies, colleges, conferences, and churches. Her various tailored and customized topics on Personal Mastery and Branding, Leadership Development and Business Success. 

BE and LIVE Your Brand!

When you know who you are are, you can live your best life and your personal brand! Then you are able to attract those who you are supposed to work with and build partnership and collaboration. 


Satisfied Clients

Years of Experience

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Why we are different

“Your success is me and my team’s success.” We care about every client and how they present themselves and their brand. 

What is BrandNiquely™ You! Inc. 

Elyshia enjoys that she gets to educate, empower and engage with others around the world on Personal Branding, Business Development, Marketing and Personal Mastery. Additionally, she speaks to women on  mental health in relation to domestic violence, sexual assault, trauma and human trafficking under her non-profit, Be. You! Global Foundation. 

BNY Skills

As a Brand Elitist and Lifestyle Catalyst…I get to and have been able to do what I am passionate about…Being in the industry for 25+ years, it is my duty to provide and educate others on Brand and Business Development, Marketing Strategy, along with Personal Mastery and Leadership Development.

Instead of focusing on specific ad campaigns, a Brand Elitist is responsible for developing a company’s brand, which can be represented through slogans, visual materials and brand names. Yey, also Personal Brands, because I believe in people and their success as well. 

  • Brand Development ~ 90%
  • Marketing Strategy- 85%
  • Brand Education – 95%
  • Personal Mastery (Leadership)

BrandNiquely You! Academy

BrandNiquely You! Academy is for Individuals with a Dream, High-Achievers, Business Owners, Corporate Executive Professionals. This academy is one-of-a-kind that will teach you how to tap into your purpose to create the best version and life vision plan of and for you. Also to build a successful personal, business and lifestyle brand with meaning and impact. 



From Our Clients

There have been many satisfied clients that cannot all be mentioned, but I don’t only celebrate the value I bring, but I celebrate them for trusting me to have a special place in their dream and business.

“BRANDNiquely You!  Has been a phenomenal resource for the Women’s Business Center of Charlotte, Elyshia loves to empower, educate, and encourage others.  Our clients love the personalized attention and easy applicable instructions they receive to increase their BRAND Presence. As an International presenter Elyshia delivers powerful demonstrations with a personal touch …”   

Natalie Williams

Executive Director, Women Business Center of Charlotte

“I can truly say that I would NOT be where I am if it was not for Elyshia assisting me with not only my brand development but for her to truly believe in me, has been an understatement in my success.  She made me believe in me and to go after my dreams. Her love and passion for what she does go unnoticed because she knows branding, marketing and strategy better than anyone I know. Elyshia is not only my Brand and Business Strategist but has also been my confidant and true friend who only wants to see all of her clients successful.” 

Calvine Frazier

President, Calvine Coffee

Hello! Let’s Connect! 

We would love to connect, engage and speak with you about Personal or Business Brand Development, Marketing Strategy or Personal Mastery and Leadership. If you would like to schedule a time to talk for 15-Minutes or you can fill out the “New Client Intake Information Form, so that I can connect with you and talk further about your BIG Plans and Dreams, so I can help you get there!